Fabian Kostadinov

Enova International Inc. - A Very Attractive Spin-Off Opportunity

Yesterday, my first article was accepted for publication on SeekingAlpha.com, which - I must admit - made me quite proud. Not only that, but the article even received an Editor’s Pick, which means that the editor(s) specially liked it. The article is about Enova International Inc. which just spun off from its parent Cash America Internatioal Inc., and which I consider to be a great buy opportunity right now. The corresponding reasons are given in said article. As the article is accepted as a SeekingAlpha PRO article, this prohibits me to post it on my blog. The article should be made available also to non-PRO SeekingAlpha members (for which a membership is free) in the next 24 hours for a 30 day time frame. After this time window it will again be only accessible to SeekingAlpha PRO subscribers. Here’s the corresponding link: http://seekingalpha.com/article/2695535-enova-international-inc-a-very-attractive-spin-off-opportunity

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